So you want to GROW your AUDIENCE, build ENGAGEMENT, and MAKE MORE MONEY on social media?

Instagram success is not a secret... but it is a formula

Let me show you how I grew an audience of over 500,000

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 ...without buying one single follower. No bots, no fake comments, no "engagement software."
All through a tried-and-true recipe that has proven successful time and time again with all of my clients.


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I like big apps and I cannot lie

For Network Marketing!

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Finally! Best practices, tips, and examples of how to grow your team, make sales, and share your Network Marketing business on Instagram. This is NOT like traditional marketing! Do it right! 

I want to make my Instagram THRIVE!



The Ultimate Recipe for Instagram!

Let me show you HOW I grew an audience of over HALF A MILLION followers! The same way I've tripled engagement for dozens of clients' accounts.

Everyone can make brownies! Go to the store, pick up a box mix, add some water and eggs, bake, and voila! Brownies. But if you want THE BEST BROWNIES IN THE WORLD that everyone wants more, will pay big money for them, and salivates every time they see them, you need a great recipe.

Anyone can have an Instagram account! But if you want THE BEST INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT IN THE WORLD, you need a recipe. You need all the ingredients. You need a master chef (slash social media expert) to give you the recipe and guide you.

What's Inside?

  • Discover your VALUES to connect with your audience. See how to recognize and effectively deliver this to increase your followers on page 32.
  • How to use Instagram STORIES feature to engage your audience and increase your Impressions (page 54).
  • Be a DOER and not a VIEWER. Use your time more effectively on Instagram. Page 64.
  • Create or change your handle to be easier to find, more memorable, and stand out from the crowd on page 12.
  • The only way to make money is with a giant following, right? Wrong. See why.
  • The Instagram Strategy outline that you can fill in with the right content. If you hired me to do this for you, expect to pay over $2500 (page 37).
  • The rookie mistake that you don't want to make and how to avoid it on page 15.
  • How to spend 20 minutes, twice a day (or less) on Instagram and still double, triple, QUADRUPLE your engagement and sales (page 48).
  • The best way to test out new posts, connect with your audience more, and BOOST your likes and comments on page 32.
  • NINE CHOICES! Want to know the biggest secret to spending less time on Instagram while GROWING your following? One secret, nine options, all on page 43.
  • People WILL remember you if you DRIP this way... it will all make so much sense on page 18.
  • How to get people to follow you with the ultimate first impression. Tips, suggestions, and three solid examples so you can set yourself up for more followers. (page 28)
  • Want your message to be heard? Need to know how to make more sales without seeming slimy or salesy or constantly asking people to buy? I got you. Page 52.
  • PLUS! A 17-page printable workbook that will get you to your BEST INSTAGRAM EVER faster, easier, and more clearly.
  • Do I need to say "plus a whole lot more"? I do? Ok...


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  • A printable calendar to visualize your social media planning.  Maximize your time and get focused on making your Instagram audience  stronger and more efficient. ($25 value)
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"Be a doer, not a viewer." Spend LESS time on Instagram and get MORE results.