The time to talk to our kids is now

Develop stronger, healthier relationships with the Internet and social media through guided discussions, information, and plans that everyone signs.

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Family Guide to Internet Safety


This downloadable SMART Online Guide is designed for families who are online or use smart devices and the Internet in their home 

(and considering you are looking at this right now, sounds like it might be YOU!!). 😉

Best for kids age 3 – 10, this guide is broken into multiple lessons for families to discuss:

Mom or Dad 

(what to do when you see something mature or inappropriate)
Rules and Guidelines

There are also tips and studies for families to discuss:

Privacy, Apps, OTHER things to do with your TIME, and many discussions for the entire family

Parents and Teens talk Social Media


This downloadable Social Media Guide is designed for families who are entering or already in the world of social media and apps.

Best for kids age 10 – 18, this guide gets into the nitty gritty of:

  • Basics and Background of Social Media
  • The POSITIVES and NEGATIVES of Social
  • Legal Rules and Guidelines
  • Time
  • Privacy
  • Etiquette
  • Apps
  • Plans for Down Times
  • and many Discussions for Parents and Children

Special Bundle Offer for BOTH Guides


Get BOTH GUIDES for a special bundle price when purchased together at the same time.

Not all families have only one age--or one area to discuss. That is why we offer BOTH at a discount. 

We have found that kids from 3 to 17 years old enjoy the GET SMART Guide for basic Internet Safety, great reminders, and plans of action. When kids get a little older and want to understand and participate in the social media world, LET'S TALK is a strong tool for creating helpful and intelligent conversations. 

Both Guides also include a customizable, downloadable agreement for families to use.