"I  can honestly say that there is no one I would trust more completely, sincerely, to guide and direct me, as it relates to building my presence on this platform, than Anna. Truly and sincerely. This is guide is so good. It's practical. It's actionable. It's not obnoxious. It doesn't presume that your entire life is Instagram. It allows you to have your life and your world and Instagram is just a part of it."


"This  guide is pages and pages of practical, easy-to-understand information for people who are just starting out and people who have been doing this for years and years.
It's amazing."


"The Instagram Queen herself just launched probably the most incredible Instagram-knowledge course I have ever seen in my life. My mind is blown."


"I would definitely recommend this course if you are looking to grow your business or growing on Instagram."


"I've  been on Instagram for 7 1/2 years and I learned so much from this course. I learned all the things I was doing wrong, too. That's how valuable it is."


"The  worksheets and planning help alone are worth their weight in GOLD. If you're an entrepreneur using Instagram, THIS is your guide."


"I  just reached out to a bunch of bloggers for collabs and took your advice from the (private) Facebook group... and got a YES from every single one that I reached out to. Thank you!!"


I want to say quick how useful this guide is. Blowing my mind. What have I been doing for so long?!

Ashley Mae Hoiland-Christensen

Just wanted to let you know that the VALUE and MATRIX sections from your  guide blew my mind. It just makes so much sense and really clicked for me. Sort of like, "DUH, this is exactly what separates professional looking accounts from the haphazard 'just post whatever I feel like' accounts." So THANK YOU! I'm excited to start building upon my matrix and incorporating my values. It helps  give me direction with my feed and that is invaluable!

Hilary Craner